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Phase 1 Safety Upgrades Complete

In an uncertain world, TLS wants to be certain about the safety of students and their families. Over the Christmas break, the first phase of several safety/security upgrades planned for 2019 was completed.  These improvements included multiple reinforced doors and a new door/barrier off the school foyer.  This setup allows staff to cordon off the classroom section of the school during an emergency or lockdown event.

In early January, several additional exterior lights were added to the end of the building and parking lot area. These super bright lights make navigating the sidewalk and parking lot much easier and add to the safety of those entering and exiting the building.

Phase II of our security upgrades, to begin in late February or early March, will include more electronic card access sites that will allow individual doors to be opened from a central location.  Any lost or misplaced cards can be immediately remotely deactivated. These new card access sites paired with the reinforced doors ensure each child’s physical security within the school in the event of a lockdown situation.

Thanks to both the generosity of Trinity families and supporters and the matching funds from Towne Bank from the annual Lion’s Share Breakfast in November, the school can initiate this next round of the security work much earlier than expected.

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