The Building is Closed, But the Learning Continues– Trinity Goes Digital

Trinity teachers are engaging in online instruction now through March 27 in response to the coronavirus health crisis. This is a whole new world for some of our faculty, while for others (mostly upper school teachers) digital tools have been part of the curriculum for some time already.

So, how did we get here? As usual with Trinity, our community of support is strong and constant. Immediately upon receiving news that school closures could be a possibility, our Head of School, Kevin Goetz, communicated with school leaders across the region. This close communication has been very helpful for everyone to create a plan of action that will benefit the biggest possible group, while keeping public health  the top priority.

Teachers at Trinity began researching, collaborating, and sharing resources for digital instruction. We leaned in and asked for guidance from other schools whose teachers have been using “digital learning days” as part of their instruction. We are giving parents and students resources too, so that they can create a new normal at home and continue the school experience for their children.

We count on our own parents, too, to help us provide guidance and leadership to our families. Parents who work in the health care field have been instrumental in helping us communicate messages that are clear, consistent, and up-to-date.

Beginning this week, all students will receive digital instruction from their teachers. This looks different from one grade to another, but across every classroom we will be as committed to the education of each child as ever before. While upper school students will rely on their Chromebooks, younger children may engage in virtual story time or visits to museums. Athletic director Sandy Butler has plenty of online lessons for P.E. for every grade level, too!

It will be a while before we’re all back in the school building again– but we are still Trinity, and still together. Thanks to our community of support,we got this.

Maureen Crone is Trinity’s marketing and development director.